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10 Traits of a Successful Family

Take a moment and evaluate your family as a unit. How healthy is your family?

Would you like to help in the development of this book?

We have a tendency to focus on the individuals and how they're doing in a family. It's helpful however to take a moment and evaluate the family as a unit. This is the focus of the next book Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller are writing. And they are looking for people like you to help them. Here's how it works. Each month in 2016, Dr. Turansky will put out a paper to about 500 families that will be in a closed facebook group. These are families of all types: blended families, single parent families, foster care families, adoptive families, traditional families, and grandparents raising children. Each family will "test out" the idea, give feedback, activities they did to work on that trait in family life, and provide general feedback. Then by the end of the year, the book will be completed along with an activity book to help parents have strong families.

If you'd like to be part of this project then you'll want to get yourself on the list. Send an email to and he'll add you to the list and then you'll hear more as the time gets closer.

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