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Apprenticeship is a Powerful Way to Learn

In this apprenticeship program you’ll enter into an eight week interactive training course with Dr. Scott Turansky. You’ll watch instructional videos, read four books, and interact in an online platform with Dr. Turansky and the other coaches in training. Most importantly, you’ll choose one parent and you'll coach that parent for eight weeks, evaluating the situation, offering solutions, and discussing the challenges, strategies, and techniques in the class with Dr. Turansky and others. You will see change take place in one child by coaching that parent over the eight weeks. Learn a lot more about this program here.

In case you're wondering where you're going to get a parent to coach during the training, here's some guidance. You can try to find someone from your own circle of relationships at church or friends, or just put a note on facebook and you'll probably get 10 volunteers interested in coaching. Or, if you're stuck, Dr. Turansky keeps a list of interested parents who are wishing to be clients during the training. You'll work with that person over the phone or skype. In other words, finding the person to work with you shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Upon Completion:
After the completion of the course, you may use the material in accordance with the license agreement. You also have the privilege of applying to become an official Coach with the National Center for Biblical Parenting. (You may apply at any time, but both approval of the application and the completion of the training are required to be an official Coach.) Once approved you will be added to the Coach website so that others may find and contact you. You may download the application to become an official Coach here.

Philosophical Agreement:
Although there may be many good programs and ideas out there about parenting, in order to be an offical Coach associated with the National Center for Biblical Parenting, you must adhere to a few core values. Beyond those values you will have substantial freedom as a Coach. You must believe the following:

The Scriptures are the authority for developing strategies for parenting. The Coach must be committed to studying the Bible, interpreting it with integrity, and applying it to family life with wisdom.

The Coach must have accepted Jesus Christ as personal savior and be committed to following the Lord in daily life. Since an appeal for others to have a close relationship with their Heavenly Father is part of the coaching process, a Coach must believe that salvation comes by God's grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.

Since this one issue can be easily misunderstood and taken to extremes, an official Coach must avoid the mentality that says that all parents must spank their kids. Furthermore, the Coach cannot hold a position that spanking is evil. Rather, the Coach must believe and be willing to teach that spanking may be one tool in the toolbox but it is not the only one. This balanced approach when it comes to the use of spanking is true to God's Word and will prevent a Coach from engaging in extremes.

If you don't agree with any of these points, please don't apply to be a Coach. Questions from clients will quickly reveal your stand on any of these issues. Your views on these crucial issues must line up with those views of the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

The Format of the Program:
During the training you'll have access to two online platforms. One provides the content for you and parts of that content for the parent you're working with. The other platform allows us to interact daily about the cases we're all working on.

Each week you will have an assignment to read, watch the video tutorials and meet with your parent. Together with the parent, you will fill out reports and bring those reports back to the online interactive platform where you will give and receive feedback on yours and others’ cases. Dr. Turansky and others will offer advice before you meet with your parent the next week. Each parent will have specific assignments to put into practice that will be modified and guided by suggestions from the class. You will learn from your own interaction as a Coach and also from the other cases taking place during the course.

The next training will take place beginning Sunday, June 30, 2019. You'll need to start the program the week before so that you're ready to interact on that first week. The training will go for eight weeks however you'll need the following week to tie things up and complete the program.

Cost: The cost of the Parent Coach Training is $595. Some partial scholarships are available for those in full-time ministry. If you have questions about this program, please feel free to call (609) 771-8002.

Here are actual testimonies from coaches who have completed the program. Notice the major changes in the children. Both parents and coaches are often surprised when they see the miracles take place in family life.

I very much enjoyed working with the family I worked with as we definitely saw progress with their 9yr old daughter. Mom has been very eager to try out some new things and while mom is still working on being firm, she has definitely gotten on board and is helping her daughter by holding her accountable and giving her tasks to help her perseverance. I think they're both on track.
—Amanda working with the parent of a 9 year old girl who complains about life at every turn

My family has achieved astonishing success! Almost instantly the change began. The child realized the strength within, the ability to be a positive force in his family and has gone far beyond our original goals to engage his environment, his family and his world in a manner of a child who has patience with a cheerful heart characteristic. To say this is a miracle would be an inadequate description of what this course and the instructor (and co-founder) have developed. This is a life-changer in the field of family life. To watch transformation happen with the fellow coaches in this training and their coached families was even a more positive experience to see how the different dynamics could be affected by the same tools and coaching information. I am amazed at what each of us, with God’s grace, have accomplished in these eight weeks with these families.
—Jim working with a parent of an out of control angry 10 year old who reacts when other siblings get attention.

The child my parent worked with has made some big strides during this time! Mom has reported that not only has the behavior we were focusing on dismissed a little, he has taken a huge step up in responsibility! He now listens with his teacher's directions, leaves his toys at home instead of sneaking them into school, and even remembered and got ready for swim practice all by himself (and without prompting)! One of the big things I took away from this class is that we need intentionality behind everything we do with children. It is quite critical that we don't just fly by the seats of our pants and then hope that we accidentally raise kids with character. By using things like visioning and the break, we essentially put Scripture into action for our kids and practically live out our faith in our parenting.
—Bekah working with a Mom of a ten-year-old child with Down Syndrome

I have also found ways to incorporate faith by using a Bible based approach. I can be more confident in what I teach parents because I have the backing of God's Word which is inerrant as opposed to the new child rearing fads that many people use. When parents see that what they are doing comes from God's Word them they will have more confidence in themselves as parents. While this course was for me to coach another parent I, myself, utilized many of the tools with my own children. While I had already had a break system in place and did something similar to a positive conclusion, this course helped me to hone those strategies and build upon them. I especially used the strategies with my "strong willed" child and I found that they were extremely effective.
—Heidi, living in China, and working with a parent with a seven-year-old who regularly has meltdowns, screams, cries, and disrupts the house. He often feels that everything that happens to him is done to hurt him and he has difficulty calming down.

Are You Ready?
Go here to pay for the training. When you do, you will receive a packet in the mail containing your four books and you’ll receive an email with instructions to get into the online training program. International Coaches must pay for shipping or arrange for ebook and electronic transfers.

If you get stuck or have question along the way, please contact Scott Turansky at

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