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Download 38 pages of the Parenting is Heart Work Book Here.

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Wow! Parenting is Heart Work is simply a masterpiece! It's got it all. In this book, Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller have successfully re-directed parenting toward the most important issue of life—the heart. It has my highest recommendation and we have chosen it to be our resource for parents at Awana this year!”
—Larry Fowler, Executive Director, AWANA

“Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller have taken an essential element of parenting and given us practical ideas to put into practice.”
—Josh D. McDowell, Author and Speaker

"I have never seen a better book on reaching a child's heart. As parents we are too quick to correct and miss a chance to connect to the heart of a child."
—Stephen Arterburn, Founder New Life Ministries

"The authors skillfully combine expertise, personal experiences, and professional work to help parents understand their own hearts and the influence they have on their kids’ hearts."
—Karl Benzio MD, Christian Psychiatrist and Director of Lighthouse Network

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The Mission:

More parents moving from surviving to thriving by learning to "parent the heart."

Many parents are in survival mode. The parents and their kids are tired, anxious, overwhelmed, busy and lacking inspiration. They don’t know how to get beyond the day-to-day challenges in life and move into a more positive “thriving” way of living. The solution is to move away from a heavy focus on the challenges and problems to a greater emphasis on the positive future they envision for their children. They need to work on character development by learning to “parent the heart” of each child. They need vision, inspiration, training, support and accountability. We provide all of this through resources, parent training events, support groups and parent coaching.

The Plan and Goals:

November and December are our most strategic months of the year. During these months, we do our Year-End Campaign where we seek to prepare for the new year. This is when we mobilize and recruit advocates in the form of prayer warriors, champions, and donors to accomplish the following to prepare for 2017. Here are the results:

Develop New Resources

1) CHANGE: Helping Any Child of Any Age with Any Problem - Free eBook Click Here.

One parent had this comment about the CHANGE eBook: “I just read the Change book. I have to say that was an excellent and highly motivating overview. I would like to promote this and would value the opportunity to become a Biblical Parenting Coach. I’m including this program as a high priority for me in 2017.”

2) Biblical Parenting at Your Fingertips Click here. This is handy reference tool that parents can use on the go that ties common parenting challenges to scripture. Click Here.

Schedule New Training Events

We have scheduled 10 training events scheduled for 2017 and have 10 more waiting to be confirmed.

Recruit Potential Parent Coaches 

We saw an overwhelming response to the winter session of the Biblical Parent Coaching Program. We had 32 people sign up from all over the world - 7 are from outside of the US; 14 received ministry scholarships (thanks to donations from you!); and 12 are already on the “interested list” for training later in the year.

Call on People to Pray and Spread the Word

Many people are praying, sharing on social media, and talking to their church leaders.

Raise Funds - Our Goal is $20,000

God provided $13,545 as of January 9, 2017.  This has enabled us to produce new resources and give scholarships to Biblical Parenting Coaches. We still welcome donations to help us reach the $20,000 goal. A donation of any size is appreciated. Donations will be used to reach the above goals.

For every donation of $50.00 or more, we will say thank you by giving you a free electronic version of a brand new resource called Biblical Parenting at Your Fingertips. (This tool helps you evaluate your children and identify quick solutions to common problems. The solutions are biblical, practical and focused on the heart.) Donate now.

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Action Step for January 2017

We’re now recruiting parents to sign up to work with a Biblical Parenting Coach. Parents gain so much when they work with a coach. Many parents are suffering unnecessarily with tension, and challenges in family relationships. We have answers. Coaches provide individualized guidance using the coaching methods of Dr. Scott Turansky. Please help us spread the word and generate excitement. Read more about this at our blog, “On Parenting.” You can share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest right from this article. Click Here to Read More Now.

You can share this page with people in your network who might be interested in being an advocate for Biblical Parenting. You can talk with leaders at your church about sponsoring a parent coach or a parent training event. You could share our social media posts about heart-based parenting. Send an email to Ed Miller if you’d like to be on the list for updates and action alerts.

You can also email us if you have other ideas for supporting this mission.