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Here’s Why
It uses activity and creativity to teach an overview of the WHOLE Bible.

You and your children will learn
the layout of Biblical Geography on your living room floor
A timeline of Bible events on your wall
Story boards of main events in the lives of several Bible characters
The overall story of the Bible as God’s message to us
Practical lessons that apply to your lives


In short, you’ll learn how all the Bible facts fit into the bigger puzzle of God’s Awesome Story of redemption and history.

“This curriculum is amazing. It gives every parent and child a clear handle of the events of the Bible in the bigger context of history, geography, and their own lives.” —Dr. Scott Turansky

“Do your children understand how the Bible flows together? This book is packed with fun and creative ways to share the Word of God with your whole family.” — Dr. Rob Rienow, Visionary Family Ministries

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The Bible is a record of God’s quest to be in relationship with his people—including you and me. The Bible is a history book reporting the escapades of real-life underdogs and superheroes. It teaches us “how to” live with each other and with God. These are real people, places, and events that happen at specific times.

This book takes the pieces of God’s story and pulls them together so we can see the full picture of what God has done and what he is doing with his people. Activities and object lessons make learning fun and help the lessons stick. Children, youth, and adults will learn together as they complete the lessons in this book.

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