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Here are some of the testimonies from people who have been touched by our ministry so far. Maybe you have a testimony to add to this. Your partnership will help us increase the reach to more parents.

Supporters • • •

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Diane Snyder
Diane Snyder
The Melton Family photo
The Meltons
Anne Smith photo
Anne Smith
Roberta Meier photo
Roberta Meier
Angela Whitfield photo
Angela Whitfield

Boomer Roland photo
Boomer Roland
Samson Iyayi photo
Samson Iyayi
rania hijazeen photo
Rania Hijazeen
Ann Van deWater photo
Ann Van De Water
Mark and Madlin Mangrum photo
Mark and Madlin Mangrum
Terri Brown photo
Terri Brown
Bruce Rexrode photo
Bruce Rexrode
Orlando Crespo photo
Rev Dr. Orlando Crespo
Rick Martin photo
Rick Martin
Rob, Doreen and Rachel Curry photo
Rob, Doreen and Rachel Curry
Jim Dempsey photo
Jim Dempsey

Roy Pina
Graham Sharf photo
Graham Sharf
Abbey Butcher photo
Abbey Butcher
Aaron Gonzenbach photo
Aaron Gonzenbach
Hector Reyes-Garcia photo
Hector Reyes
Erika Dawson photo
Erika Dawson
Rachel Meurer family photo
Rachel Meurer
Tom and Julie Meekins Photo
Tom and Julie Meekins
Cantilina Family photo
Cantilina Family
Julie Kurz photo
Julie Kurz

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Parents • • •

I can't tell you how much it has made an impact in our family...and we haven't yet applied even half of what we've learned! I have three children, ages 7, 5, and 3. My 3-year old now uses the word "Honor" at least once a day. —Denise Pollin

I love your parenting tip emails. Succinct, meaningful instructions are what I need everyday. If I had to read a book about every one of my parenting issues, I would never get anywhere. Thank you for your wise instruction. —Tina Merklinger

I am almost done reading the Parenting is Heart Work book. I had read so many Behavior Modification books with no real reward. Within this past month I've seen a major change in my strong willed daughter, Madison. After trying some of your suggestions I was so blessed by what recently happened: I had torn my favorite pants while visiting my grandparents, Madison was with me and she knew I was so unhappy about it. The next day she and I were alone and I was attempting to sew my pants. Madison sat down beside me and said "Mom, I am sorry that that happened" - I was taken back and was very touched by her concern. Later on she was outside (the day was hot) and she offered her lemonade to her Dad because she knew he was working hard. These may sound like small things, but they are very big steps for our family. Thank you so much for your tremendous work and dedication to helping we parents. —Beth Everett

I feel empowered! Thanks for the practical information on how to deal with many of the common problems that happen in our home. The solutions are feasible; something I can do. I love the biblical references. —seminar attendee from Minneapolis

I loved the idea that we, as parents, are teaching our children to learn how to hear and receive instructions from God. I have children ages 23, 19, 17, and 13. Thank you for putting things in a biblical perspective. Thank you for showing me that we can use these principles at any age. —seminar attendee from El Paso

This is the best 'equipping' time I have ever had at a Parenting Seminar. I am walking away with three working plans, all of which I will begin using immediately. —Michelle Unger

Church Leaders • • •

I am the Director of Parent Ministry at McLean Bible Church. We are using your material. Parents stop by each week to tell me how much they appreciate these resources. —Pam Stroup

The tools you've provided for our church are reshaping how we as a church work with parents. Great job. Thank you. —Pastor Jon Sanné

We had an amazing response for a summer parenting class using your material with over 80 adults signed up. Please pray for these parents and their families. Thanks for all your dedication to strengthening families! —Thad DeBuhr

Oak Community Church used your Parenting is Heart Work curriculum for our adults in our Fall Sunday School session. I love the format and the execution. I also love the blend of practical take-away and biblical foundations. —Pastor Wayne

God has allowed me to conduct the parenting video training on four different occasions here at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church. We love the material. —Bob Landers, Minister to Children and Families, Oak Community Church, 620 N. Oak Street

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