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Phase 1 — Communicate the Vision
Three Theological Truths that Propel the Vision

Jesus’ Discipleship Mandate

The Discipleship Mandate in Matthew 28:19-20 includes helping people apply the scriptures to their roles and relationships in family life.

Parents are Commissioned
Both Deuteronomy 6:6-9 and Ephesians 6:1-4 articulate the reality that parents are the primary trainers of their children. They often need to learn how to do it.

The Heart is Crucial
God is interested in the hearts of children so parents need heart-based strategies to train them. Most parents want to reach the hearts of their kids, they just need to learn how to do it.

Communicate that Vision

As much as possible, communicate the vision to become a Parent Training Center to your senior pastor and other church leaders. Since the senior pastor is the primary change agent for the church, his comments and support of your church’s discipleship program for parents exponentially increase its effectiveness. However, even if you can’t get senior leadership on board, you might start the process because the activity of being a Parent Training Center is often very attractive to church leadership and fully embracing it may come along later. If you are the senior pastor, these ideas will help you commumicate the vision so that people know why your church is becoming a Parent Training Center.

Here's a Infographic that can help you explain what a Parent Training Center is and does. Feel free to download it and use it.

Parent Training Center Characteristics

Download this pictograph here.


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A Parent Training Center is a church that intentionally trains parents, providing resources and tools both for discipleship of believers and for evangelism to families in the community.

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