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Phase 2 — Assess Your Needs and Desires
Work where God is working in your church families already.

Take Inventory of Your Families

Every church is different. Whom has God brought to you that you want to care for and equip? Maybe you have a lot of single parents, blended families, parents of teens, or families with young children. Go through your church directory and find out how many families you have altogether and then classify them as much as you are able.

You’ll use this information to provide statistics later on. For example, you might say, “We have 40% of our families receiving email parenting tips,” or “25% of our families attended a live parent training event.” Those statistics will be used in the evaluation process below, but more importantly, will guide your choices in the next phase of activities.

Keep in mind that your assessment will likely reveal where the interest is now. If you have a particular group of parents interested in discipleship, you might work there first, and expand to other areas later. Work where God is working.

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A Parent Training Center is a church that intentionally trains parents, providing resources and tools both for discipleship of believers and for evangelism to families in the community.

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