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Phase 4 — Plan Activities
Activities are vehicles for discipleship to take place.

Sometimes you don’t know which activities will hit the spot for parents. Planning and starting three in the next few months will help you see what best touches parents. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking, but you might choose others as well.

Email Tips

Create an email list and pass on email parenting tips regularly. You can sign up for free email parenting tips from the National Center for Biblical Parenting here.

Small Group

Run a small group, 3-8 weeks, on parenting. You can obtain parent training video curriculum from the National Center for Biblical Parenting here.


Preach a series on parenting and family or run the Family Challenge 90 Day Adventure. Learn more here.

Family Nights

Organize a monthly Family Night where parents are trained while children are learning things that complement what the parents are learning. The National Center for Biblical Parenting has a Family VBS program that can take place once a month for 8 months. Learn more here.


Provide a one on one mentoring program for parents. Learn more here.

Devotions Training

Train parents to do fun devotions with their kids. The National Center for Biblical Parenting offers resources that help parents excite their kids about devotions. Learn more here.

A Live Seminar

Host a live parenting seminar at your church. This will provide extra energy that can start or ignite excitement in the parent ministry of your church. Learn more here.

Book Reviews

Review or recommend a parenting book. You might find some good ideas from the National Center for Biblical Parenting here.

Biblical Parenting University

Encourage Biblical Parenting University for individual parent development, small group interaction, and teacher training. Learn more here.

Family Event

Plan a Family event or activity. The best events or activities that will contribute to your mission as a Parent Training Center are those that provide opportunities for parents to discuss ideas and challenges. However, even having families working together on a service project or playing games together allows parents to watch other Christian parents and learn from healthy modeling.

Prayer Team

Start a Prayer Team. Parents need prayer and so do their kids. It might be helpful to provide a vehicle like a closed Facebook group or an email to a grandparent prayer team to continually lift up specific prayer requests to the Lord.

Road Map Pictograph

Here’s an infographic that you might find helpful as you plan and choose activities.

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A Parent Training Center is a church that intentionally trains parents, providing resources and tools both for discipleship of believers and for evangelism to families in the community.

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