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Hero Training Camp VBS to your congregation.

Get your kids ready for the training of a lifetime!
Hero Training Camp
This is only the beginning of a life-long adventure.

For children ages 3-12. Five days of fun-filled activities, games, science demonstrations, object lessons, Bible stories, Bible verses, music, crafts, and snack ideas that teach children how to be heroes in life now. Each session lasts 2-3 hours.

Hero Training Camp uses the life of David and the biblical concept of the conscience to teach children to be internally motivated in four areas: Do what’s right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. This action-packed, activity-based program for children teaches kids that God has provided them with the standard equipment to be heroes in training now. Their job is to pay attention to the conscience and the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Basic Kit includes
• VBS Director’s Manual
• Detailed lesson plans for easy use
• Station Manager summary sheets for each day, for all six stations
• Squad Leader summary sheets for each day
• Reproducible parent letters
• Biblical and theological overview chart
• Bible adventure stories from the life of David to teach about the conscience
• Hero Field Guide for each child to work on daily and then take home
• Preschool Coordinator’s Manual with specific instructions for younger children
• Volunteer Training Meeting Lesson Plan
• Pastor Informational Video
• Volunteer Instructional Video
• Music CD containing the Hero Song and the Conscience Song
• Promotional samples for Prayer Support Cards, preprinted fliers, and posters
• Supplies CD with art and reproducible materials
• Hero Training Camp VBS event poster
• Vision letter for the church
• Press Release for the community
• Director’s Planning worksheet beginning three months out
• Follow up letter
• Rice Bowl Mission Project information
• Volunteer and participant evaluation forms

Cost $159.95

How Hero Training Camp VBS Works