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Be on the Cutting Edge Building a Heart-Based Approach in Your Home

It's not easy being a parent today. Every child is unique. You need a toolbox of parenting resources. We are continually providing more tools to our members by giving them access to the most current products we're working on including access to the webinar library. Just $25 a month will give you access to a wealth of information to strengthen your family.

We know that our members want to continue to develop their parenting skills. They also appreciate our heart-based approach and want to stay closely connected to us. Here are just a few of the benefits to becoming a member.

1 • Access to the Webinar Library. Hours and hours of recorded counseling sessions where Dr. Turansky is giving hands on practical advice in specific situations. You’ll learn so much in this area. It alone is well worth the membership fee.

2 • Access to the MP3 of the Month. We want to help you develop as a parent so we’ll add links to free resources that will keep you growing.

3 • Access to our latest writing. We post chapters, ask for your feedback, and look for ideas from you that will help us improve the products we’re creating.

4 • Access to us. As a member, you'll be able to call us and we'll talk to you and help you find the resources that are best for your family situation.

5 Our members often help spread the word so we give you easy access to information and links you can share with others to help them in their parenting.

6 Biblical Parenting University is the online parent training program for developing a heart-based approach in your home. As a member, you receive four free classroom management one-hour courses. And you receive 75% off the classes for parents. So instead of paying $100 per class, you pay only $25 per class. Each class is four hours long and has additional five hours of counseling prerecorded webinars you can listen to.

So, click here to sign up today!

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