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The Christian Parenting Handbook:
50 Heart-Based Strategies for All the Stages
of Your Child’s Life

by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Developing Your Own Biblical Philosophy of Parenting
1. Consistency Is Overrated
2. Build Internal Motivation
3. Consequences Aren’t the Only Answer
4. Identify Character Qualities to Address Problems
5. Transfer Responsibility for Change to the Child
6. The Relational Side of Parenting
7. Envision a Positive Future
8. Look for Heart Moments
9. Make Parenting Shifts
10. Parenting Is an Investment—Think Long Term
11. Teamwork . . . Individuals at Their Best
12. Your Primary Responsibility
13. Bookmark Good Days
14. Don’t Minimize Your Parenting Power Because Your Partner Does It Differently
15. Teach Kids to Add Energy to Family Life
16. The Difference Between Tasks, Problems, and Conflict
17. It Takes Two to Argue, but Only One to Stop
18. Move from the Issue to the Process
19. Affirm Approximately Right Behavior
20. It’s Not Good Enough to be Right— You Also Want to Be Wise
21. Use Firmness to Focus on Character
22. Children Can Only Take as Much Pressure as the Relationship Will Allow
23. The Difference Between Punishment and Discipline
24. Don’t Practice in the Grocery Store— That’s the Final Exam
25. Be Prepared for the Three Arenas of Resistance
26. Discipline Kids Separately for Sibling Conflict
27. Avoid the Boxing Ring
28. Teach Kids to Communicate Emotions Wisely
29. Stop Talking and Start Acting
30. Don’t Give In to Manipulation
31. Teach Kids the Wise Appeal
32. Use Correction to Challenge the Heart
33. To Spank or Not to Spank
34. Support Other Authorities Who Work with Your Kids
35. How to Pray for Your Kids
36. A Child’s Anger Problem Needs Attention
37. Teach Kids to Be Solvers Instead of Whiners
38. Children Need to Learn How to Work Hard
39. Fair Doesn’t Mean Equal
40. Correction Is Valuable
41. Use Creativity to Teach Your Kids Spiritual Truths
42. When Things Get Intense, Require a Break
43. Children Who Play the Blame Game Lose
44. Have Kids Report Back
45. Use Mealtimes to Build Relationships
46. Privilege and Responsibility Go Together
47. Firmness Doesn’t Require Harshness
48. Discipline for Bad Attitudes
49. Good Character Qualities Misused
50. The Value of Grandparents
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