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with Dr. Scott Turansky


Biblical Parenting Podcast with Dr. Scott Turansky

Click on the link below to hear the podcast of your choice or click on the RSS feed button to subscribe. Each week Dr. Turansky shares an insight about raising children using a heart-based approach and then answers questions. If you have a question you'd like to share with Dr. Turansky, you can record and submit it here.

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#23 Electronics and Kids 09/10/15
#22 A Strategy for Strengthening Communication with Teens 11/19/14
#21 Connecting Kids to the Bible 11/12/14
#20 Children and the Holy Spirit 11/05/14
#19 Leading a Child to Christ 10/29/14
#18 Preventing Busyness From Ruining Family Unity 10/22/14
#17 Faith in Action at Home 10/15/14
#16 Using Jesus' Teaching Techniques With Your Kids 10/08/14
#15 How to Be Your Child's Friend 10/01/14
#14 Making Family Devotions Fun 9/24/14
#13 3 Ingredients for Passing Faith To Kids 9/17/14
#12 How to Use Consequences Strategically 9/10/14
#11 Teaching Kids Initiative 9/03/14
#10 Overcoming Selfishness in Kids 8/28/14
#09 6 Truths About Lying Kids Need to Know 8/21/14
#08 Solutions for the Blame Game 8/14/14
#07 The Value of Correction 8/7/14
#06 Helping Kids Choose What's Right, Not What's Easy 7/30/14
#05 The Most Important Gift You Can Give to Your Child 7/23/14
#04 Tightening Your Action Point 7/15/14
#03 Power of Your Words 7/9/14
#02 Internal Vs External Motivation 7/1/14
#01 The Journey Vs The Destination 6/20/14

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