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Phone Coaching Sessions Available with Dr. Scott Turansky

Scott Turansky Photo"The family is so important. When I hear from parents and children who are struggling, my heart goes out to them. But I know that there are answers. That’s why I work with parents every day. I'm a strategist and when I listen to the problems a parent faces, I know that we can develop an action plan to get family life back on track." —Dr. Scott Turansky

Dr. Turansky has worked with parents for over 30 years. He's coauthored fifteen books on parenting and he and Joanne Miller have created four parent-training video series. They've also developed a Home Study Course to help parents called the Heart Work Training Manuals and Audio Sessions.

The problem is that you can read a hundred books on parenting and still wonder how to put it all into practice in your family. Each child is unique and different.

In fact, Dr. Turansky would be happy to give you a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if the coaching program would be beneficial to you.

Scott says, "We can accomplish a lot together in 15 minutes. Of course we can't go too much in depth, but if I can get the big picture of what's going on in your child, I can guide you to a heart map with specific solutions that your child needs right now. I will likely show you how our coaching program would help you with your child's challenges but even this short time together will be beneficial for you to understand how a heart-based program would offer new insights to challenging areas."

He'll listen to your situation, give you some analysis from a heart-based approach, and guide you to the best solutions. Go here to request your free consultation.

Many parents are doing good things to work with their kids, but for some reason the child doesn't seem be respond to those good approaches. It's in these difficult situations parents contact Dr. Turansky. He helps them develop a specific action plan to address an issue or group of issues in a child's life.

Dr. Turansky doesn't just give pep talks. Rather, he helps you develop a unique plan for your particular child. He takes time to listen to you and asks questions and then together develops the parenting plan and shows you how to implement it with your child.

So much of the advice out there is merely behavior modification and quite frankly, rather shallow. What you need is a plan to touch and mold the heart of your child.

God heals a child's heart, but he often uses parental leadership to prepare the way. Throughout the process it's important to ask God for his grace for the specific situation, wisdom for solutions, and power for the child to overcome the weakness.

Dr. Turansky has helped hundreds of families with this personalized approach. Here are just a few of the comments from parents who have helped their children make significant changes.

“We have come so far. I can't believe the difference your advice has made for our family. Our child was out of control with anger, but with your tools we've seen remarkable improvement. It's truly amazing Thank you for the phone coaching sessions these past few months.”

“Our daughter has ADHD and your heart based approach has given her the tools to make changes without the use of medication. Thank you so much!”

“We've read lots of parenting books and listened to advice from concerned friends about our adopted son, but we now see that your approach makes all the difference. We are so grateful for your ability to use God's Word to teach us strategies to work with our son.”

“Many people don't understand the challenges we face with our 12 year old son with autism. I'm so pleased with the practical solutions that you provided that have connected brilliantly with our child."

“I would highly recommend your approach to anyone who is struggling with their child. We appreciate the practical, down to business plans that helped us powerfully.”

You can get help too. Parents find solutions they need. Dr. Turansky will help you develop an individualized Action Plan tailored specifically for your family.

Some families get so stuck in negative patterns, that life begins to look hopeless. The problem may not just be one child in the family. Dr. Turansky has the ability to examine and evaluate the family as a unit and to determine what strategies can help develop the strength and closeness that family needs. He has a unique approach that you’ll find refreshing and helpful.

To have an individualized session with Dr. Turansky in the office or on the phone, please send Joanne an email at and include the age of the child and a summary of your particular situation.

As you consider resources from the National Center for Biblical Parenting, read what some of the experts have said…

"Turansky and Miller give parents a biblical game plan that is unusually insightful. This balanced approach to parenting will help any parent avoid the pitfalls we all fear falling into."
—Dennis Rainey, Executive Director, FamilyLife

"Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller demonstrate over and over that at the core of positive and rewarding parenting is working out relational routines in everyday life. This is spiritual and life training at its most practical level."
—Lorilee Craker, author of A is for Adam: Biblical Baby Names and When the Belly Button Pops, the Baby’s Done


Are you a single parent?
Maybe you'd like to have a phone coaching session with our Single Parent Ministry Leader Linda Ranson Jacobs. Learn more here.

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