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Video series by Dr. Scott Turansky
and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

Parents learn to help their children be internally motivated instead of relying on parental prompters in four areas: Doing what’s right, Dealing with wrongs, Being honest, and Caring about others. Join Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller as they teach parents about the biblical concept of the conscience and encourage its development.

8 Packed Sessions • 21 Parenting Strategies • Rooted in Theology • Amazingly Practical • You’ll see change in 30 days whether your child is 3 or 18

• Learn how a heart-based approach differs from behavior modification
• The difference between the conscience and the Holy Spirit – and how to take advantage of both in parenting
• Understand your own convictions and learn how to teach them to your kids
• Teach children to take initiative and be responsible
• Apply these principles to parenting children of any age
• Understand Attention Deficit Disorder and provide kids with hope
• Using five tools, develop a plan for change in 30 days
• Coach children to handle their own emotions
• Help kids respond better to correction
• Develop honesty in practical ways

When you focus on the conscience,
good things happen!

Here are the changes you'll see...

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