Praise for The Christian Parenting Handbook
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Congratulations on yet another excellent book! It's truly one of THE BEST parenting books that I have ever read! You know that I am a huge fan of all of your other resources, and highly recommend them often!
—Kathy Anderson

If you are looking for wisdom from God to raise your children in the uniqueness of their personality, The Parenting Handbook is what you need to read! Focusing on the heart instead of outward behavior is the focus of this book, which is an approach that encourages lasting godly character. The short chapters, relevant stories and practical tools make this book a ‘one of a kind’ and easy to read!
—Julie Kurz, Consultant For Family/Children's Ministries, Reconnect Ministries, Division of Church Assistance Ministry (CAM)

“The Christian Parenting Handbook” represents the very best of Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller’s thinking. I love all of their work—and this latest book is no exception; it is simply masterful. The short chapters mean a busy parent can read for a few minutes and gain an insight. The book is solidly based upon Scripture, and in typical Turansky/Miller style, full of real-life illustrations that every parent can relate to. Their heart-based strategy is exactly what parents need to know to create a healthy environment in their home and raise great kids!
—Larry Fowler, Executive Director of Global Networking, Awana and KidzMatter

“Insightful, Practical, Encouraging and, as always, focused on reaching a child’s heart rather than merely changing behavior. An “aha” book that provides real life help—help for everyday situations. Parents will keep this Handbook handy!”
—Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, founder and president of

“A must read for all parents no matter what faith or stage of life. This book is chocked full of practical strategies you can implement today! Having four teenagers, our house can feel quite chaotic. We are starting with the golden nuggets in chapter 15 right away.”
—Eric and Jennifer Garcia, Association of Marriage & Family Ministries

“Just as Wisdom offers inestimable rewards to those who find it (Proverbs 2:1–6 and 3:13–18), each chapter of this book provides a treasure chest of riches as the authors unpack God’s wisdom. First, Scott and Joanne explain why families benefit when they implement biblical principles. They also introduce fifty principles that tell parents what to do. Finally, they sug- gest intensely practical ways how dads and moms can implement each one. Readers will mine nuggets of silver and gold on every page. I did!”
—Mark Steiner, president,

Here's Karl Bastian's video endorsement of this book.
He's the president of

“The mission of parenting can be confusing and overwhelming. As Christians, we are not just looking for our children to act properly—we want to see them love and honor God with all their hearts! But what do we do, day in and day out, to shape the hearts of our children? The Bible has the answers! Whether you have toddlers or teens, the Bible-driven principles in this book have the power to change your family, for generations to come!”
—Dr. Rob Rienow, founder of Visionary Family Ministries (

“As with anything Turansky and Miller write, this book is, as it claims to be, solidly biblical and thoughtfully practical. The truths they teach will convict, challenge, and inspire you to be the parent God created you to be. You will see yourself and your children in the pages of this book. Pay atten- tion, and glean from the authors’ collective experience and insight. You will come away with strategies that are effective, creative, realistic, and proven.”
—Jon Sanné, lead pastor, Calvary Chapel Olympia

“The Christian Parenting Handbook is another wonderful resource from Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. As is customary, these two authors pro- vide first a biblical approach to parenting. The format of this book provides parents with short, easy-to-read thoughts on key parenting strategies. It brings the type of practical advice I have come to expect from the founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting.”
—Kenneth Priest, team leader, Leadership Ministries, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“An artfully concise and biblically deep perspective for parents that dives into matters of the heart facing every child . . . highly recommend!”
—Michael Chanley, executive director, International Network of Children’s Ministry

“The Christian Parenting Handbook applies to all types of families includ- ing two parent, single parent, blended families and grandparents parenting again. It is simple and easy to read yet so powerful in content. The techniques and ideas are broken down into short chapters which makes it easy to pick up the book and find just what you need at the exact moment you need it. I will definitely be recommending this book to all the single parent families I work with and to children’s ministers who call looking for parenting books.”
—Linda Ranson Jacobs, DC4K creator and ambassador (, single parent expert

“The Christian Parenting Handbook is undoubtedly a ‘game changer’ for most parents. Parents learn a biblical approach that aims at shaping the heart of their child rather than only outward actions. This is a handbook . . . prac- tical and thorough . . . that will be used throughout the years of parenting!”
—Dr. Roger Theimer, children’s pastor and coauthor of Faith Legacy Series

"The Christian Parenting Handbook resonates deeply with my personal commitment to reach the hearts of children. It is a practical and positively brilliant resource for parents."
—Flip Flippen, Chairman and NY Times best selling author

"Turansky and Miller are at the top of my list of authorities I would love sit down with and discuss biblical Christian parenting, to glean from their wisdom and experience. In this book, they just answered my first 20 questions here and 30 more I should ask."
—John Tietsort, ThM, National Director, eChurchDepot

"I found The Christian Parenting Handbook very valuable . It gave me a more to think about as I raise my Christian children. Dr. Turansky's advice is reinforced with scripture and situation examples. Over all it is a wonderful book that should be part of everyones home library."
—Ron Anderson