The Child Behavior Inventory assesses a child’s strengths and weaknesses in 10 areas

  • The ability to cooperate, follow instructions, and contribute
  • Integrity and honesty
  • The ability to receive and respond to correction well
  • Staying on task, focus, and attentiveness
  • The ability to handle disappointment and accept no as an answer
  • Electronics Management
  • The ability to manage anger
  • Anxiety management
  • Self-Concept
  • Parenting Stress
Child Behavior Index


Items in the green area are suggest areas of strength. Use those categories to affirm your child. Think in terms of underlying character qualities that contribute to those strengths. For example, you might say, “Congratulations on your developing of thoughtfulness and thoroughness in the morning when we’re getting ready. You are developing some good maturity in that area.”


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