Make Scripture Memorization Fun with These Bible Verse Cards

“One year ago, I started to print bible verses cards for my son, using colours and images. It was then when I realized how much faster he was memorising them! He was loving the colours and the images, and he was looking forward to the time when we would learn them. Since then, he has learned by heart over 60 bible verses. All of this in one year!”

Verse cards

I (Scott Turansky) asked Elena to design cards for others who will no-doubt want to use them. Scripture memory is a powerful way to empower children with the scriptures.

Below you will find 5 Scripture Sets of 20 Bible verses each. The scripture verses are laminated and include verses from almost every book in the Bible.

  • The design is unique, and the cards are printed on quality paper and laminated, so they can last for a very long time – even when used by little wet and dirty hands.
  • They come in a colourful cotton handmade pouch, so they don’t get lost.
  • They are blank on the back so you can make notes.
  • The size of each card is 3.75 inches square.