Promotion Tools for Your Biblical Parenting Coaching Ministry

The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is a core ministry of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Congratulations on completing the training. We welcome you as part of our team. We hope you’ll take a look at other resources we have and tools we use to work with parents. The only way to get to this page is if you have been given the private link. It’s here where we provide you with several tools for your ongoing ministry. Please take advantage of these tools and use them.

1) ThrivingKidsConnection.com is the primarily place for ongoing training of coaches and parents. It’s the place where you will interact with Dr. Scott Turansky and other coaches about your current coaching clients and any other ideas, challenges, or questions you might have. Use the code: 25FORLIFE to access the program with a special discount. Instead of paying the normal $29.95 per month, you will only pay $24.95 per month.

2) Feel free to use this badge on your website, Facebook page, etc. It is a symbol of recognition of your completion of the program. Use it to promote yourself.
Download this badge here

3) The CHANGE eBook is free. It gives people a detailed explanation of the strategy involved in the coaching program. At the end it encourages people to find a coach. You can share the link to this page and use the image on your Facebook or webpage to get people interested in contacting you for coaching: biblicalparenting.coach

4) Biblical Parenting at Your Fingertips is a handy reference tool that ties scripture to common parenting problems and challenges. The cost is $6 but you can order them in packages of 10 for $40 if you’d like. Notice at the end of this tool, parents are encouraged to find a coach. You can use this tool to recruit people as well. Here’s the link to the website about this tool: biblicalparenting.org/fingertips/ and here’s the link to order them: Biblical Parenting at Your Fingertips

5) Repost information about the coaching program from our blog and from our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/31351756913/ on your Facebook page, Pinterest Page and other social media sites to let people know what you do.

6) Talk to people at your church, local Christian schools and preschools, and share with them your availability to coach their parents.

7) Distribute this flier electronically to those you think might be interested in this program. Download