3 Options to Strengthen Your Parenting

Congratulations! Coming to this page makes an important statement about you. You want to learn more about how to help your child overcome weaknesses and develop life skills for both now and in the future.

We can help you. On this page you’ll find three options:

  1. OPTION #1: Parenting Power Pack ($69). This powerful resource contains 20 audio sessions, 2 eBooks, 2 children’s lessons, and several helpful handouts and downloads. All the resources in this pack are downloadable. You will receive a link for immediate access in you email receipt.
  2. OPTION #2: Parenting Power Pack PLUS ($199). This package contains all of the Parenting Power Pack resources PLUS several other tools to help you advance your parenting, communicate the ideas to your family, and target specific challenges of anger, self-focused tendencies, lying, disrespect, meanness, and bad attitudes. It includes the 12-session video series THRIVE to encourage family interaction, 4 paperback books that will be mailed to you, 2 complete children’s curriculum manuals, an audio session about dealing with anger, 2 Family Time Activities books and the “Strategic Reading Guide” that helps you know how to read six of the books at the same time. Additional downloads and handouts are also provided.
  3. OPTION #3: Individualized Coaching ($350-$1495 depending on your coach). This 8-week personalized program takes you systematically through your child’s heart, providing practice activities and solutions that bring lasting change. You’ll work with a coach over the phone as well as watch online teaching videos, developing practical strategies personalized for your family.

Take a look at the options below and feel free to use the chat feature on the side if you have questions.

Parent Coaching Program with Dr Scott Turansky