Watch this short video from Dr. Scott Turansky about becoming a presenter.

The Need is Great

Families are under tremendous pressure today resulting in all kinds of challenges, especially for children: Anxiety, technology addiction, bad attitudes, defiance, disrespect, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and the list goes on. They need help. Parents are the key but they need training.

If you believe these three things then you will want to train parents:

  • Parents are the primary trainers of their children. They need solutions. They need hope. Children learn best when parents have a plan and a strategy.
  • Training is more valuable for children than correction alone. Most parents try to change their children using correction but training offers so many additional benefits.
  • A heart-based approach enables parents to move beyond simply using rewards and punishment to change behavior. Parents need practical parenting strategies and techniques  in order to see deep and lasting change in their children.

You Can Present a Live Parenting Seminar

Our training equips you to teach in a large or small group. You could teach as an outreach in a church to parents or to a homeschool group. You could teach at the local Christian school or a group of parents of preschoolers. The need is great and the opportunities are endless.

Once you’re trained as a presenter you will be qualified to teach the Parenting Seminar entitled Cooperation, Consequences and Keeping Your Sanity. This is the Parenting is Heart Work Basic Tools seminar. The seminar can be taught in 3.5 to 4.5 hours, and provides practical tools for parents of all ages. The host can also offer a children’s program to complement the seminar you are teaching. We will teach you how to interact with the host church or organization and provide you with the tools we’ve used successfully for over 20 years of teaching live parenting seminars.

You get paid to present. You receive $10 for each attendee with a minimum guarantee of $500, plus travel reimbursement. That means if there are 100 attendees, then you receive $1000, and so on.

Watch this video that a church can play to promote the seminar

Here are the Details

The Next Presenter Training Conference is scheduled for January 23-35, 2025 in Hamilton, NJ.

This is a 3-day training and you must be present in person for all three days. The first two days will be in the classroom as a workshop to learn the biblical foundation of the seminar from Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. You’ll learn all of the he details of the content, and all the nuts and bolts of working with the National Center for Biblical Parenting as a trained presenter. The third day (Saturday) you will observe Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller RN, BSN teach the seminar before an audience of parents and grandparents.

The cost is for the training is $749 plus travel and housing. Your spouse can attend with your for $100. A continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided each day.