Here’s Lesson 1 of THRIVE! See what it’s all about!

THRIVE! is a powerful tool for family development. It comes in two versions, one for church small group use and the other for family development at home.

The Church Program offers 12 sessions. Each session includes a 15 minute teaching video for parents to watch, plus downloadable pages for notes, discussion questions, and a take home activity for parents and kids to do together. The 12 sessions can be combined into 6 small group meetings to accommodate your church needs.

The Family Program offers the same 12 sessions. Each 15 minute video has a segment addressed specifically to young people watching. The family activity included gives kids of all ages the opportunity to grasp a new biblical truth and life skill.

Both programs teach parents a heart-based approach and enable children and young people to develop the life skills necessary to THRIVE! Our goal is to help families become strong enough internally so that they can carry out their God-given mission.

Parents are the best counselors for their children if they have a good plan. THRIVE! equips parents with that plan in a strategic step-by-step process.

Preview the series now by watching Lesson 1A and working through the handouts, worksheets, and family activity.