The Treasure Hunters

Using games, activities, Bible stories, science experiments, object lessons, and snacks, children learn eight key principles that will help them be successful in family life. Each lesson corresponds to one of the lessons in the Parenting is Heart Work Training Manual with Audio Session and the eight videos for parent training.

As parents change, children also change and family life becomes a treasure. Each lesson has enough content to fill 90 minutes of class time. Lessons can also be broken into shorter sessions for Sunday School, family activity nights, or homeschool curriculum.

Children learn that there’s treasure hidden in following instructions. They develop skills that will help them to be better employees someday, better teammates, and they’ll learn how to listen to God as well.

The Treasure Hunters teaches kids to see the treasures of family life and practice skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Kids learn the value of a good attitude, how to accept no as an answer, and why it’s important to respond well to correction.

The Treasure Hunters has eight lessons. Activities, Bible stories, games, and snack ideas, all help children catch a vision for responding well to many of the common challenges of living in a family. The curriculum is fully reproducible so that you can use it in a classroom, or with a group of children. If you are teaching it in your family, you’ll likely want to spread each lesson out over several days to bring home the truth.