Invest 20 minutes to take this free assessment of your child. Parents say that it brings greater clarity and prompts them to know what to do next.

The Child Behavior Inventory (CBI) fills an important gap for parents who seek solutions by first helping them define the problems more clearly. It has the side-benefit of revealing strengths that parents can then use for affirmation and for identifying the child’s internal tools that can help address areas of weakness.

The CBI was created as a assessment tool by Dr. Scott Turansky, Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and Esmeralda Ng, M. Clin Psych. Any parent can use this tool to clarify a child’s strengths and areas of concern. It’s completely self-contained so that you can use it on your own or with a Biblical Parenting Coach. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out, score, and plot on the graph. If you have Excel then the scoring is done for you.

If you have excel on your computer, this file will aide in the self grading . Download here.

If you don’t have Excel then download this file but you’ll need to hand grade it when you’re done.

We use the CBI information in our research, so, if you are willing, you can delete the names but keep the age and email the completed document to If you are working with a coach you will fill this out at the beginning and end of your time together. In that case, please add your name so that we can match the two up.

We have created resources for you to find tools on our website to address some of the weaknesses you are seeing. Working with a coach is the best, but you might also want to look at these articles that can guide you on how to use a heart-based approach to address the challenges you’re seeing in your child. You can find the helpful resources here: