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Spiritual Training in Children
A Parent's Most Important Job

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of family life. The daily job of parenting usually spins around three important tasks: giving instructions, correcting children, and providing for physical and emotional needs. These are all important and learning how to do them well can mean all the difference between a child who is responsive and one who is resistant.

But keep in mind the bigger picture. Your most important task is to pass on spiritual truth and godly values to your child. You will certainly do that through the daily tasks of parenting, by establishing rules that come from your convictions, and through day-to-day conversation. We wrote the book Motivate Your Child to inspire parents to see the power that exists through internal motivation. The second half of the book empowers parents with an understanding of spiritual training in children and how it contributes to the daily work of family life. We highly recommend this book for anyone interested in growing their children spiritually.

However, we find that parents must be intentional about passing on spiritual truths to their children. Dr. Rob Rienow says it well on the MP3 God’s Grand Vision for the Home. You’ll be energized and motivated by Rob as he paints the picture of our primary calling as parents.

But how can parents actually pass biblical truths on to their children? We would suggest you use activity; it’s the language of children. Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN have a MP3 entitled Have Fun Teaching Spiritual Truths that helps you know how to use fun activities to teach God’s Word to children.

We have published six Family Time Activities books by Kirk Weaver. Kirk is a genius. He understands child development and biblical truth and then uses activity to transfer those truths to a child’s heart. The beginning of each book shows you how you can set up a fun family time in your home in just 20-30 minutes a week. Your kids will think you’re cool and the formal times together will lay the groundwork for all kinds of informal discussions with your kids throughout the week. Three of the books are for all ages, two are for families with preschoolers, and one is available for working with teens.

When you use activities to teach spiritual truth you’re following Christ’s example. In order to teach his disciples about the spiritual principles of the kingdom Jesus used parables. He placed a spiritual truth next to a common object or activity so that his followers could grasp the truth. You can do the same thing as you work with your children and train them spiritually.

Family Time is a great way to transfer values and biblical truth to your children. Another significant way to reach your children spiritually is to be demonstrative with your own faith. Praying for and with your kids, talking about what God is teaching you, and raising the awareness level about God’s presence and active work in your family can go a long way.

Sometimes a parent will say, “I feel uncomfortable praying out loud with my child.” Our response, “Get over it.” That may sound harsh, but praying with your kids is important and with some practice you’ll be able to do it comfortably. Work on making your faith more visible and your children will see more clearly how involved God is in our daily lives.

If you find yourself stuck in this area of spiritual training you might want to listen to Kirk Weaver’s MP3 entitled Overcoming Obstacles to Spiritual Training in the Home.

You have a lot to do as a parent. The work of family life can be all-consuming at times. You’ll sacrifice your personal agenda often for the benefit of your children. Make sure that you always keep an eye on the spiritual training of your children. It pays off with huge dividends. Check back with us often. We know that this area is so important and we want to continue to support you in this role.

You are the primary spiritual trainer of your children. You may find assistance through church, school, club programs, or other activities for your child, but training your kids spiritually is your most important job. They need you in this role. Look for ways to make it a priority.

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